Excellent Supply Chain Management

Strict Quality Control
Standardized Process

ONE-STOP Purchase
Best Solution

Reliable After-sales

Cooperate with reliable suppliers like Perkins, Cummins, Weichai, Stamford, Emerson, Schneider, Siemens, etc.

    Each   unit   is   strictly   tested accordance   with   the   relevant  standards, the products quality is the foundation of the enterprise.

   We  provide  power  generators with different power and configurations, and also customize according to customer's specialty.
    At    least    one    year   warranty provided, provide complete spare parts support,  after the  warranty provide paid maintenance services.
Product Advantage
 The engine is the heart of the generator set. After years of cooperation, we have established long-term and effective relationships with engine companies such as PERKINS, CUMMINS, WEICHAI, DEUTZ, KVT, DOOSAN or its agents, that we can get competitive prices, services, delivery and prompt supply of spare parts.
  We are choose STAMFORD, MARATHON, SIEMENS, LEROY-SOMER, meccalte, FALADAY, Evotec and other companies alternator, and be able to get a competitive price and delivery period.
Control System

    Choose good quality electronic control system, including Deepsea, ComAp, SmartGen, and all the

wisdom of well-known brands, which have protection function, remote control and automatic

grid-paralleling and so on.

Electrical&Functional Components

    We use the Italian MADAS, Germany DUNGS, the United States FSIHER brands such as pressure

regulating valve, electromagnetic switches and other components, these components used in gas

pipelines and safety measures.


   The company was founded in 2012, has two factoriers and a foreign trade corporation. We are major in design, manufacturing, and installing of superb diesel Generator set (including soundproof type, mobile type, containerized type, intelligent type, high voltage generators, portable lighting towers etc.), Gas Generator set (including nature gas, biogas, biomass, LPG, CHP generator etc.),biomass gasification system and biogas purification equipment and so on.

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Biogas Generator Project _ China Henan
Biomass Gasification System _ Italy
Binhai Industrial Zone, Weifang, China
--- To Be The Good Partner of Power Equipment ---
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